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With over a decade of experience in premise liability cases, owner Clinton J. Ford has spent years providing construction consulting and expert witness services to the legal industry in slip, trip, and fall cases - giving him a truly unique perspective about accident prevention related to walkways.

Clinton has now turned his unique perspective and background toward helping business owners minimize risk, protect their business, and enjoy peace of mind.

Having seen firsthand the darkside of litigation against business owners and the long term effects these accidents have on a company, he wanted to do something about preventing them from ever happening.

Clinton started Walkway Practitioner to assist business owners in protecting themselves against the devastating consequences of preventable accidents at their business.

Beyond his unique perspective, he also holds many titles including a former Continuing Educations Sponsor for the Florida Construction Industry Licensing Board Some of his certifications include:

National Floor Safety Institute Member

National Floor Safety Institute, Walkway Auditor Certificate Holder WACH No. 00202

OSHA Construction Safety & Health Certificate Holder

OSHA General Industry Safety & Health Certificate Holder

University of North Texas, Department of Engineering Technology,Walkway Safety Certification

Florida International University,Master of Science in Construction Management

Minimize Risk. Protect Your Business. Enjoy Peace of Mind.

Request A Safety Inspection: Protect your business by reducing the potential likelihood of costly accidents from occurring with a professional walkway audit.

Remove Workplace Hazards: Let us help you find and reduce workplace hazards for customers and employees by complying with federal, and state safety requirements.

Peace of Mind: Learn how our safety practitioners can help minimize the risk of personal loss to those involved in an accident and protect your business from resulting costly litigation.

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